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don't stop moving

I was sitting on a large rock at the edge of a small creek, watching the water flow past me. Suddenly, a strange scene near the bank caught my eye.

Frankly, it was a dead mouse floating around in the water. The creek had a strong enough current to move this unfortunate creature along with ease. But the dead mouse had been caught up in a tiny orbit of sorts and, instead of flowing downstream, it was circling around and around in a small inlet of water.

It was a bizarre thing to watch, or to be fascinated by, but I couldn’t take my eyes away. It was one of those moments when you just know that God is saying something important to you.

The message was simple: when you stop moving forward in life, you die.

There, on that rock, as I sat watching this dead mouse spinning around in circles, I knew I wanted to live a life that kept moving forward. I knew I didn’t want to get stuck spinning around in the inlets of life, when I could be riding the current to a brighter future.

Maybe you feel like you’re at a standstill today. Maybe you have been spinning your wheels at a job that you hate, or in a marriage that isn’t working, or in an attempt to overcome an addiction that won’t let go. Maybe you feel like I’ve felt many times before—like you might as well give up, because time is running out and you’ve got nothing to show for your efforts.

If that’s you, I understand. I know what it’s like to want to throw in the towel. But PLEASE… don’t give up! Don’t stop moving forward. Even if all you can do today is take one step, then take that one step. And tomorrow, take another.

Because here’s what I know. When you take your step—whatever it might be—it is going to matter. You may not see the results right away. You may not see them for a week, or a month, or for several years.

But every step you take matters. Every step you take is forward movement, and that is a big deal. That is what will keep you alive. That is what will make you grow.

So do whatever it takes today. Do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. Do whatever it takes to get out of that destructive, exhausting orbit, and start riding the current to a better future.

What step do you need to take today?

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